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About Us

Mulder Innova was founded in december 2004, after Agere Systems closed down its Dutch facilities. Based on his experience in MIMO, WiFi, WiMAX and LTE, Willem Mulder decided to setup his own company, offering support in Standards & Strategy, Project Management and Apple/Android based mobile solution development.
Summer 2010 Mulder Innova celebrated its first Lustrum.

With Internet and VoIP taking over the role of the traditional telecom switches, Wireless ADSL/cable routers bringing internet accesss to every living room, consumer electronics business moving from one-function-boxes to wireless multimedia networking, Apple and Google changing the mobile landscape as well as the telecom revenue streams, rollout of one global all-ip 1Gb/s LTE-A Self Organizing mobile Network, the coming decade will see more changes than ever before.

Mulder Innova offers the experience in Project Management, Product Development and New Business Development to help you being prepared for the coming dynamic years.

Reference Documents

Willem Mulder profile (excerpt from Agere Systems HiPo Corp. Leadership program)
Willem Mulder Curriculum Vitae
Case 1: 1985 - 1993, The Alcatel years, anticipating the end of National Telecom monopolies
Case 2: 1993 - 2000, The Ericsson years, cutting the wires, the rise of DECT and GSM
Case 3: 2000 - 2004, The Agere Systems years, the rise of WiFi, mobile internet in your living room
Case 4: 2004 - 2008, The Mulder Innova years, bringing the WiFi experience (54 Mbps) outdoor
Case 5: 2008 - 2012, The mimoOn years, Apple and Google changing the mobile landscape, LTE PicoCells made in Germany